National Chemistry Week: Solving Mysteries through Chemistry

1471292544430Happy National Chemistry Week!

Every year, chemists around the United States (and in certain other countries as well) celebrate National Chemistry Week (NCW) and the field of chemistry. Whether we’re diving into the “sweet side of chemistry” or taking a closer look at how chemistry colors our world, participating in NCW celebrations help us to understand how chemistry shapes the world we live in.

By promoting and building awareness at the local level, NCW encourages chemists of all ages to get involved. Through ACS local sections, ACS student chapters, universities, and businesses, ACS hopes to expand the awareness of the many facets of chemistry, and invites individuals to host events for their own communities.

Starting on October 16, the ACS Undergraduate Programs office will celebrate the theme, ‘Solving Mysteries through Chemistry,’ with a week-long look into ways chemistry has helped us ‘crack the case.’ We’ll post a new topic each day and share activities for you to complete with your chapters and communities.

Our NCW posts will include such titles as:

  • What is Forensic Chemistry?
  • Forensic Chemistry in Pop Culture
  • Historical and Archaeological Forensics
  • Art Forgeries
  • Chemistry of Modern Mass Extinctions
  • Epidemiology: Chasing Diseases

Keep an eye on the #ReactionsBlog all week and let us know how you plan to join in the celebration!

Remember to share your photos and stories with us on Instagram and Twitter.


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