It’s been fun, Boston!

Good morning, everyone!

This is Monica, one of the Undergraduate Student Liaisons for this National Meeting. You guys heard from Alex Saturday, but now it’s my turn to talk about my experiences at National Meeting.

This morning our hospitality center was filled with students eager to share breakfast with their peers. The hospitality center is always one of the best places to meet and chat with other students. I love to use this morning time to just relax and get ready for the day.

After a brief volunteer introduction, we all dispersed for our morning events. Some students went to the oral presentation sessions and some went to learn networking skills at ‘Networking Basics for Students’. I considered myself a great networker, but this session taught me so much about breaking the ice with potential professional connections and how to work on engage strangers.

The next event was the Eminent Scientist Luncheon and Lecture with John C. Warner President of Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry. The theme was “What’s in your chemical toolbox?” During the Lecture, and the amazing lunch that was provided, Dr. Warner spoke of the importance of Green Chemistry and innovating ways of sustainable solutions for the society. He made it quite clear that although things look different at a first glance, they can be incredibly similar at microscopic levels. He was so funny and personable. Even the convention center staff stopped what they were doing to listen to him speak!

Immediately following Dr. Warner’s lecture, I walked to Hall C for the Undergraduate Research Poster session. The exhibit hall was full of amazing research posters being presented by our very own Undergrads. The outcome of this event was remarkable. Some of these undergrad research posters look like they might be giving some of the graduate research posters a little run for their money! Without a doubt, our Undergrads are a force to be reckoned with. Congrats to every single one of you and your outstanding posters!

If you haven’t ever been to ‘Speed Networking with Chemistry Professionals’ you’re missing out! This is my favorite event of any National Meeting. Not only do you get to speak with professionals working in the field of chemistry, but you get to have one-on-one, candid discussions about their work and learn from their experience. These professionals are always so friendly. Their advice has really benefited me in my professional planning.

The Sci-mix / Successful Student Chapters poster session couldn’t have been a better way to say goodbye to Boston! As a liaison, I’m a little detached from the program, but going thru this session I am able to speak with the students. It’s great to learn what other chapters are doing. It helps me be a better leader for my chapter.

As we come to the finale of this phenomenal meeting, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer many thanks for the AWESOME student volunteers. We wouldn’t be able to run things as smoothly as we do without you. Our programs work because of your dedication and effort.

Goodbye for now. I’ll see you in San Diego!


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