Welcome to Boston!

This is Alex, one of the ACS Student Liaisons, and I am here to provide you with a recap of the first day of the Undergraduate Programming in Boston. Let me say the day was packed and filled with so many valuable workshops and sessions!

The day started off with a great panel discussion about Careers in Chemical informatics. The panel discussion gave great insight into what students can expect going into this career field. We gathered a lot of good information while enjoying some awesome food!

The graduate school reality checks were my favorite sessions of the day. It was packed! As someone getting ready to apply to graduate school, I learned a lot and will be able to bring that information back home. My nerves about applying have been settled a bit.

Getting undergrads and graduate students together is sometimes hard, but the hardworking staff at Undergrad Programs really knocked the graduate school networking event out-of-the-park! Everyone I spoke to really took advantage of the opportunity to talk with graduate recruiters and get some really good advice. No to mention we all got some really cool freebies- you can never have to many pens!

As the day came to a close, we had a great time building bridges between ACS International and Domestic Student Chapters. It was, really cool to see that other students, some who flew to Boston from almost 10,000 miles away, can enjoy everything that an ACS Student Chapter has to offer. I know the connections that I made today will be ones that I keep for a long time to come!

This is my last meeting at a Student Liaison with Undergrad Programs. This is a bittersweet goodbye for me. I can’t wait for graduation, but I will miss the friends that I’ve made while working National Meetings with ACS.


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