Until Next Time, Denver

IMG_0417Another ACS National Meeting has come to an end, and we have to say, it was a really successful meeting! This is Alex and Monica—the ACS Student Liaisons—and we’re here to provide a final recap of our experience at the 249th National Meeting in Denver, CO.

The first day of the Undergraduate Program was on Sunday, March 22. We knew going into the meeting that there would be a lot going on that day, but we were completely blown away by how incredible the program was! In the morning, we led the volunteer orientation and moved directly into “Making the Most of Your First National Meeting.” This workshop is one of the most valuable tools to help you schedule your time at the National Meeting. Throughout the rest of the day, we received valuable advice about planning for grad school and what to do when you get there, professional development opportunities, and how to balance life and career.

IMG_0454Although we were a little tired by the end of the day, we were also really excited about the Student Chapter Awards Ceremony and the Undergraduate Social. The Awards Ceremony brings together all student chapters that won awards in the previous year. During the ceremony we heard from the new ACS Executive Director and CEO, Tom Connelly, as well as various members of SOCED (Society Committee on Education), ACS President Diane Grob Schmidt, and ACS President-Elect Donna Nelson. The night ended with lots of food and dancing at the Undergrad Social. We had so much fun spending time with our new friends!

Both Monday and Tuesday were also great days. We heard lectures from some incredible scientists working in the field of green chemistry. We especially enjoyed Dr. Henry Kholbrand’s lecture on industrial sustainability and climate change. His years working for Dow Chemical have helped to broaden his perspective of sustainability in both developed and developing nations. Our favorite session was “Toxicology of Marijuana.” This was probably the best attended workshop of the Undergraduate Program, in which we learned how marijuana affects your blood and brain chemistry. It was truly fascinating!

There are so many exciting things to see and do at the National Meeting that you’ve just got to experience it for yourself. The program not only helps you meet students from around the country, but it also provides a rare opportunity to meet chemistry professionals, broaden your understanding of our field, and hone your networking skills.

We hope to see you in August for another great Undergraduate Program in Boston!


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