2013, End of the Year Wrap Up

Happy Holidays, Loyal Readers!

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We’ve had a great time getting to know you, our readers and our writers, and we look forward to a great 2014, and to hopefully meeting and working with new writers, maybe even you (Seriously, do you want to write for us?  Let us know!). And here are a few things for you to look forward to as well!

  1. The 245th National Meeting in Dallas!
    The American Chemical Society (ACS) heads to the Big D for its 247th National Meeting. We’ll be featuring a robust Undergraduate Program, which we encourage you to attend!
  2. Apply for a Community Interactions Grant or an Innovative Activities Grant
    Does your chapter perform work in the community, like chemistry demonstrations at local schools or water monitoring of local streams? If so, we encourage you to research and apply for our two grants, the Innovative Activities Grant and the Community Interactions Grant. These grants fund new activities and outreach to minority and economically disadvantaged schools, respectively. Let us fund your plans next year!
  3. Apply for an Internship
    Many internships have their application due dates in mid-January. If you haven’t already started applying for internships or REUs for this summer, you should start now. You can use our Get Experience site to jump-start your summer plans. Hurry, the good ones go fast!

The Past Year:

We’ve had a great year on the blog. The views have been counted, the critics ignored. Here are your favorite posts of 2013:

  1. A Cup of Coffee for the Chemists – Tyler Brisbin takes us through the chemistry of coffee from picking, to roasting, and even the process that decaffeinates the beans.  Ever seen raw caffeine?  You may wish you hadn’t.
  2. The Chemistry of Tattoo Ink – Christine Dunne explores the ins, outs, and questionable content of the chemistry of tattoos.  She also explains the regulation (or lack thereof!) of the current tattoo ink market.  And of course, what would a post like this be without some cool geeky science tattoos?
  3. Are You Loco for Four Loko? – We were lucky enough to have input from a Berkeley student publication, The Science of Wellness, for a few posts this year, and this one was the crowd favorite.  Sophie Shevick described the problems of mixing caffeine and alcohol.  Hmm, all of these posts are about Caffeine or Tattoos, should we take a hint here?
  4. High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Sugar – Ruby Schuler, another Science of Wellness author, breaks down the myth of high fructose corn syrup.  So does this mean Twinkies are still bad for you?
  5. The Chemistry of Science Fiction: Isaac Asimov’s Chemical Tales– Rounding out our top 5 list, Gursu Culcu takes us deep into the world of science fiction and describes how Isaac Asimov used chemical principles to invent a substance that dissolves before the solvent is added.  Interested?  There’s also a goose that lays golden eggs!

IMG_2194Thanks for reading. Since starting this blog last year, we’ve had a great time getting to know our readers, and we look forward to getting to know you more in 2014. We wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season.


Nicole and Chris
Reactions Blog Editors


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