Announcing the New “ACS Student Chapters Online” Tool!

(A similar version of this post was originally published in the September/October 2013 issue of inChemistry magazine.)

All ACS undergraduate members and faculty advisors now have access to a new online student chapter management tool, Student Chapters Online, developed by ACS and available at Not only does this tool simplify the entire chapter report process, it helps chapters to better manage and track their day-to-day operations. It also provides a wealth of chapter activity ideas, a calendar of upcoming events and deadlines, and links to ACS resources that are especially useful to student chapters. Until now there was no central location for chapters to store and access chapter information. Planning an activity or completing a chapter report was often a challenging and time consuming process frequently involving many calls and inquiries to many people. Student Chapters Online will help you to easily determine:

– Events scheduled for the semester
– Chapter officers
– Faculty advisors
– Chapter award history
– Sharing capabilities
– Increased photo storage

New "ACS Student Chapters Online" Dashboard!

New “ACS Student Chapters Online” Dashboard!

Easy login
Students and faculty advisors can access Student Chapters Online through their ACS ID. Chapter members who are not ACS members will not have access.

Manage information more easily
Student Chapters Online is very user-friendly, and it also offers a variety of advanced features to benefit chapter members and faculty advisors. After logging into the system you’ll be taken to the user dashboard. This dashboard will display chapter information, such as the names of presidents, vice presidents, other officers, and faculty advisors, member counts, local section contacts, and much more. These chapter data will be editable throughout the year.

Add events as you go!
All chapters will be required to use Student Chapters Online to prepare their annual chapter report, which will be due at the end of the academic year, in May 2014. Previously, many chapters waited until the end of the academic year to complete their chapter report, ultimately submitting it minutes before the midnight deadline. This eleventh-hour effort required excellent record keeping or great memory recall. Fortunately, the new tool allows students to document events as they happen and to plan future events.

Share your successes and access new ideas
ACS student chapters are typically composed of über-involved and dedicated chemistry students. Each year these students submit reports brimming with information about new and innovative events and activities. Until now, only a handful of people had access to this information, but things have changed. Student Chapters Online provides a “sharing” function that you can use to nominate noteworthy chapter events. ACS staff will review the nominations and then post them on the student dashboard, where they will be visible to all students and faculty who sign into the system.

View your award level and reviewer feedback
Submitting a chapter report not only helps your chapter to maintain active status in ACS, it clearly details to ACS and chapter members, faculty, and the chemistry department how the chapter has contributed chemistry to your community while demonstrating professional development skills. Chapter records and the resulting chapter report will be much more accurate. The whole reporting process will be easier, faster, and less stressful for students and faculty advisors. Once your chapter reports are reviewed and ranked, chapter officers can view the rankings and reviewer comments.

Share photos
You’ll be able to raise your chapter’s visibility by submitting high-resolution photos and other supplementary materials with your chapter report. Supplemental materials, including photos, flyers, and newspaper articles, help online faculty reviewers to better understand your chapter activities and events. Student chapters can now look forward to increased storage space for uploading high-resolution photos that can be used on inChemistry covers and in our awards ceremony video, which provides recognition and great PR for your chapter. Student Chapters Online will help you to better manage your chapter and the streamline the chapter report process.

Check it out at and update this year’s officers and add chapter events!


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