Preparing for the National Meeting

The 245th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans starts in less than a week!  And just to get you excited, here are a few preparations other chapters are doing:


Fairleigh Dickinson University made these beaker mugs to sell to raise money to send their students to the ACS National Meeting. Hey, are they still available, FDU? From: FDU Facebook Page


Nick L. Mole of the Fresno State CHEM Club had to find a cheap way to travel, but he’ll be at the New Orleans meeting none the less! Look for Nick L. Mole and the Fresno State CHEM Club Saturday through Tuesday at the meeting! Come say ‘Hi’ and get a picture with Nick.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gordon College Students, including Sarah McCarron, CJ Daly, and Hanbyul Chang, are pumped to present their posters!

And we’re excited too!  If your chapter is competing in the Scavenger Hunt (which starts Sunday at the Making the Most Session, 9 am, Convention Center, Hall A/Section C), one item will be a video of your chapter doing the Harlem Shake.  You can easily do this with a free app from the app store, so be sure to get this done ahead of time!  And to inspire you, here is the ChemDraw Harlem Shake video:

How is your chapter preparing for the ACS Meeting?  Let us know!


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