Photo Friday – Kennesaw State University

This week’s Photo Friday focuses on Kennesaw State University’s ACS Student Chapter performing demonstrations at Kennesaw Charter Science & Math Academy.  We’re going to say it: we wish more chemistry demonstration shows had people in elephant suits.  Great work, y’all!

644757_335087139922477_1878958705_n 598740_335087696589088_268391670_n 579311_335087203255804_1274196610_n 579309_335090156588842_1131953936_n 578979_335087499922441_1650253578_n 559534_335086329922558_648571212_n 553937_335086549922536_982138238_n 523457_335090086588849_155757782_n 407577_335085923255932_1256594077_n 404342_335087366589121_1720251564_n 404305_335086219922569_1459873521_n 384280_335087076589150_13983172_n 379052_335087446589113_366821179_n 320477_335087293255795_469348867_n 302837_335086493255875_1133266318_n 292767_335087399922451_1867641844_n 254314_335086439922547_834582631_n 254266_335086266589231_1497014051_n 189054_335086373255887_1094581019_n 183914_335087026589155_1524937376_n 154208_335087233255801_1017229217_n 68356_335090043255520_1952663318_n 59451_335087643255760_1803201543_n 22393_335086139922577_1111738460_n


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