Photo Friday!

Hello Everyone!

Today’s pictures come to us from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico ACS Student Chapter!  If you want your chapter featured, email us today!

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The first two pictures come from Pontifical’s recruiting drive at their homecoming event.  Note: chemistry drives interest!

Pictures 3-5 are from a march called “Dándole Alas a Una Causa” which translates to “Giving wings to a Cure” from the Go-GOGO foundation against pediatric cancer.

Pictures 6-8 are from an island-wide beach cleanup.  We’re just going to say it: Puerto Rico has some amazing beaches- thanks for keeping them amazing, Pontifical.

The rest of the pictures detail the chapter setting up demonstrations, first for Bioscience Week, and then for local schools.  And those kids obviously love it!

Thanks for the pictures, Pontifical Catholic University ACS Chapter, and keep up the great work!


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