Fun Resources for National Chemistry Week

Hello ACS Student Chapters!

As you may or may not know, National Chemistry Week (NCW) is only two weeks away.  During NCW, which includes Mole Day (October 23), chemists across the nation reach out to the public in order to share their love of chemistry through demonstrations, events, and socials. We have put together a short list of resources and some fun and entertaining activities you can share on campus or with your community, and we encourage you to use these resources to show your love of chemistry during this week of celebration! Leading up to NCW, we’ll also feature some of our student chapters who have some tips and tricks of their own. Have any additions?  Let us know!


Outreach Activities for the Theme “Nanotechnology- The Smallest BIG Idea in Science”
– A list of activities you can use to educate others about this year’s NCW theme.

Terrific Science Lab Activities
– Over 300 FREE lab activities for students of all ages, covering levers to forensic science.  They also have NCW activities from past years.

Enjoy complimentary access to these 20 editor selected pieces from the Journal of Chemical Education reflecting this year’s theme, “Nanotechnology: The Smallest BIG Idea in Science”. The collection includes activities, lab experiments, and demos suited especially for outreach.

Chris and Adam in the ACS Demo Lab
– The ACS’ mad yet handsome scientists return to the lab to bring you two great science demonstrations. Enjoy!

Methanol Cannon

ACS Undergrad: Methanol Cannon with Chris and Adam from ACS Undergraduate Programs on Vimeo.

CO2 Jubilee

ACS Undergrad- CO2 Jubilee from ACS Undergraduate Programs on Vimeo.
(We’ll have more on the CO2 Jubilee next week).

Coins for Cleaner Water
– Finally, we like to give back whenever possible. This year, as a continuation of our Pennies for PUR IYC event (which raised $18,000 for the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program of Procter & Gamble), we’re rolling out Coins for Cleaner Water. Your donations pay for water purification packets to be distributed where they are needed. Check out this video at around 1:25-

Check out our Coins for Cleaner Water website. And if you’d like a packet for demonstration purposes, you can request one.


The NCW Website
– The main source of NCW resources and suggestions. You can also find an NCW event near you, or contact your NCW coordinator.

The NCW “Chemistry Activity Patch (shown at right)
– Groups such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Campfire USA, YMCA, and Boys and Girls Clubs who encourage and participate in science and chemistry activities can earn a Chemistry Activity Patch by meeting NCW requirements. Consider contacting local youth groups to become involved with an NCW event at your school!

NCW Resource Page
– Includes the NCW Poem Contest, Science for Kids activities, and career profiles to show students where a chemistry degree can take them.

Kids & Chemistry Activity Kits
-If you can’t find chemicals for demonstrations, you can find resources for a number of great demonstrations at the Kids and Chemistry Page.

You can also follow the NCW Twitter Feed @ACS_NCW. And while you’re at it, check out what the Northeastern Region is doing, featuring ACS President- Bassam Shakhashiri!

Take advantage of these resources and activities, stay tuned to our blog for more great NCW ideas, and most importantly, get involved with NCW activities in your community during one of the most important weeks of the year for chemistry!


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