244th ACS National Meeting- Saturday

Hello and welcome to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, Cheese Steaks, Rocky, and America’s first scientist, Ben Franklin.

In keeping with the city’s proud tradition, we are hosting an action-packed Undergraduate Program designed to enthrall and enlighten.  Seeing as you’ve only got a few days here, why not use today to see some sights and prepare for Sunday and Monday?  We definitely recommend you see:

1. The Philadelphia Museum of Art

One of the most massive art museums in the United States, the Philadelphia Museum of Art hosts collections by notible artists Bosch, van Gogh, El Greco, and many more.  Its also the steps Rocky ran in Rocky  and all of its sequels, complete with a Rocky statue at the base.

So drop by and run up the steps.  And get some culture, too.

2. The Reading Terminal Market

In operation since 1859, the Reading Terminal Market is an enclosed public market, and three of the vendors there are the descendants of vendors there from the beginning.

The market is also home to vendors of Pennsylvania Dutch decent, who are at the market Wednesday through Saturday.  Stop by and buy some of their homemade preserves or spices.  And be sure to challenge yourself with a Tommy DiNic’s Beef and Pork Brisket sandwich!

3. Independence Hall

Every great country starts somewhere, and ours started here.  As the signing place of both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, Independence Hall   continues to stand as an inspiration for generations to come, symbolizing our common ideals and hope as Americans.  And while you’re in the area, stop and see the Liberty Bell as well.

Once you’ve seen this and more, be sure to get back and prepare for a great time at the ACS National Meeting!  Here are a few highlights to which we’re looking forward!

Sunday, August 19

Workshop: Careers Skills Training
Freedom Ballroom F
3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Once you graduate you’ll be prepared with the foundation of chemistry knowledge you need to land a job, but you’ll need more than just a background in chemistry to find and maintain employment. Regardless of the type of chemistry work you’ll do (even if it’s in a lab) you’ll need some essential skills that aren’t covered in your general chemistry courses. This workshop will better prepare you for your career by helping you to develop essential skills such as, networking and  leadership skills, as well as business etiquette. You don’t want to miss it!

Double Feature Movie Night: “Carbon for Water” and “The PHD Movie”
Philadelphia Convention Center, Bridge East
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
After a long day of Undergraduate Programming, this double feature movie night is a perfect opportunity to unwind with your chemistry peers. We’re showing two great films, “Carbon for Water” and “The PHD Movie,” back-to-back. After each film you’ll have the chance to ask questions to Nickolaj Due, from Vestergaard Frandsen, the company featured in “Carbon for Water,” and then Jorge Cham, the director of “The PHD Movie.” We’ll also be have 150 student vouchers available to receive a beer (if you’re 21+, if not we’ll have soda) and a slice of pizza for only $2!!! Get to the event early enough to ensure that you’re among the 150 students to get a voucher! Check out the trailers below:

We promised you action, and you got it! You can find other helpful information about the meeting in the Undergraduate Program Guide, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Monday’s National Meeting line-up!

Monday, August 20

Undergraduate Speed Networking with Chemistry Professionals
Freedom Ballroom F, 9:45 – 11:15 am

We mentioned this event in a previous post, but let us reiterate: networking is a skill that will serve you well.  Simply knowing more people, especially those involved in chemistry, gives you people you can ask about career prospects, new technology, business opportunities, predictions on the future of the industry, and much, much more. A well connected individual benefits whatever organization of which they are a part, and this makes them valuable.  So come out and meet some fellow chemists: share a story, ask about available careers, and find out what they wish they had known when they were in your position.  Read over our list of networking tips and then come practice your skills!

Social Media Meet Up
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Broad Street Entrance Lounge
, 6:30-8 pm

As you’ve probably figured out by now, social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook are here to stay.  Businesses, schools, and government institutions are all using social media, and you should too!  People with social media experience are sought after commodities, and its a skill many employers are consider valuable.  Come meet the people behind the media at the Social Media Meet up.  Walk-ins welcome, but RSVP now!

Oh yes, and there will be food!


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