The 244th ACS Fall National Meeting- For ACS Members Everywhere (even the ones who can’t make it to Philly)

Update: If you plan to attend the Networking event (see #4 below), email us and we’ll give you free, personalized business cards!

Hello ACS National Meeting Enthusiasts!

We are pleased to announce the Guide for the 244th National Meeting in Philadelphia is now available! The guide walks you through everything you need to know to network with chemistry professionals, learn about possible careers, and even enjoy a free showing of two great films, “Carbon and Water” and “The PHD Movie”. It will even direct you to the virtual events, which you can take advantage of whether you’re at the National Meeting or not!

Take a look at the 244th National Meeting Undergraduate Program, as well as a few highlights we think you’ll enjoy:

1. Technical Symposium: Detection of Counterfeit Drugs
Sheraton Philadelphia City Center, Liberty Ballroom B
Sunday, August 19, 10:45 am – noon

Ever wonder how you know that those pills you’re taking are the pills that you should be taking?

Chemists from various industries discuss the detection of real versus counterfeit drugs, including a presentation on “Pharmaceutical Forensics,” which is a field we didn’t realize existed until now. (Co-Sponsored by: ACS Division of Chemistry and the Law)

2. Workshop: Career Skills Training
Sheraton Philadelphia City Center, Freedom Ballroom F
Sunday, August 19, 3 – 5 pm

Did you know that your “soft skills”, i.e. your non-chemistry skills, like networking and communication, are just as if not more valuable than your chemistry skills when it comes to finding employment? Come visit our workshops and develop these critical career skills!

3. Double Feature!  “Carbon for Water” and “The PHD Movie”
Philadelphia Convention Center, Bridge West (next to Hall A/B)
Sunday, August 19, 6:30 – 9:30 pm

This year, we have TWO great movies for you to enjoy! First, in “Carbon for Water,” filmmakers Evan Abramson and Carmen Elsa Lopez explore rural villages in Kenya where both water and wood to boil water is scarce. When an entrepreneur provides carbon filters for the local population, it proves to be both good for the environment and good for business.

Immediately following “Carbon for Water,” we’ll be screening “The PHD Movie,” directed by Jorge Cham, the author of PHD Comics and longtime ACS favorite. We can’t wait for Cham’s lighthearted take on academic life.

(Sponsored by: Committee on Environmental Improvement, Society Committee on Education, ACS Career Management and Development)

4.Undergraduate Speed Networking with Chemistry Professionals
Sheraton Philadelphia City Center, Freedom Ballroom F
Monday, August 20, 9:45 – 11:15 am

You know that old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  Well, it’s true. And if you want to meet some movers and shakers in the chemical industry that want to help you advance in your career, you should be at this event. Get some business cards (you can get them for less than $10 at Staples), practice your elevator speech, and join us for some speed networking!

5. The Career Fair- Both in Person and Online!
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA
Sunday, August 19 – Tuesday, August 21

Securing any job in this tough economy can be a challenge, but as a scientist or engineer, you have the skills and knowledge that ambitious employers are searching for – they just need to find you. At this career fair, you’ll have the opportunity to secure a job with leading academic, industry, non-profit and government organizations in your field. You can also have your resume reviewed and receive job search and interview tips.

Oh yes, and did we mention there will be a Virtual Career Fair on August 20 and 21? Get online now and optimize your search from your own home!

We’re really looking forward to this exciting meeting, and we hope that you join us, whether you show up in Philly or take advantage of our line-up from your dorm room. We’ll see you there!


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