Do you like our blog? We like you. You should write for us!

You there!  You, the one reading this blog! If you’re an ACS student member or a faculty adviser, we want you to write for us!

See, we started this blog to be a place where ACS undergrads could share ideas, comment on interesting topics, and contribute articles.  Why?  Because we like ACS undergrads.  We know that you are smart, intriguing people who are capable of writing interesting and engaging things.  How do we know this?  Because our two most popular posts thus far were written by undergraduates.  In our 14 weeks of writing this blog, a full eighth of our views can be traced to those two posts.  You write excellent material, and frankly, we want more of it.

Don’t think you have anything to contribute?  Malarkey.  For example, you can write up your favorite chemistry demonstration and post a video of you performing it.  Or tell us about your summer research experience.  Or let people know where to sit in the classroom to earn the best grades.  Or just write about pop culture, like we wrote about our favorite fictional chemists.

Walter White is a favorite, needless to say From:

Or really, write about anything that interests you.  We will take fiction, non-fiction, history, lab jokes, sci-fi, group activities, pictures, video AND STILL MORE!!!  Here’s what we ask:

  1. Make it tangentially related to the ACS or chemistry.  We don’t care how, because how you do it makes this interesting.
  2. Write up a 3-5 sentence “pitch” for us.  Let us know what you’re going to write and how you plan to get there.
  3. Include links backing up your point and a few pictures (we like pictures)
  4. Email it to us.

Once you do that, we’ll take a look and let you know what we think.  We may ask for more information, or sources, or we may ask you to do a slightly different take on your article.  We may ask for safety information.  But we want your article to be good, and we may help it along until it gets there.

And once we do that?  Well, we’ll give you a deadline and ask you to write away!  If you need more time, not a problem, just ask.

Anyone interested?

Because here’s the thing, as long as there is an ACS Undergraduate Blog, we will need writers.  We don’t exist without you.  So if you have a great idea, we’d love to have it.  If you think you have a great idea, we’ll be happy to take a look.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!


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