What are you looking forward to most about attending the 243rd ACS national meeting? TCNJ students share their thrills and chills


Marisa Sanders is a junior at The College of New Jersey, where she is studying Chemistry and English. She is the president of the ACS student chapter at her college.

Is the 243rd ACS national meeting really only two weeks away? It feels like it was only yesterday when I received the acceptance emails for my research and ACS student chapter abstracts. I’m still ecstatic!

Because I’ve only heard secondhand what it’s like to attend an ACS national meeting from reading inChemistry and watching videos on the ACS website. I can’t wait to attend the meeting later this month and share my experiences with the chemistry community.

Attending the 2012 ACS Leadership Institute this past January has worked to strengthen my enthusiasm for ACS and the science community as a whole. The institute was an incredible experience, during which I was given the opportunity to network with chemists from all over the country. Not only did I meet professionals in a range of chemical divisions, but I also made lasting friendships. I even learned different styles of leadership and the leadership roles within ACS. What I found especially extraordinary, however, was getting to know the many different types of people who form the ACS network. I met representatives of the ACS Chemical Ambassadors, local section leaders, chemists in industry, and the unique individuals who take on “alternative careers in chemistry.” I was thoroughly impressed with the experiences told by food chemists, technical writers, and science marketing professionals. I can’t even imagine what will go down at the 243rd ACS national meeting!

What I’m really looking forward to (other than the San Diego weather) is attending the Chemistry in a Cup o’ Java technical symposium on Sunday, March 25th. As a passionate coffee drinker, myself, I’m always interested in learning more about the tasty stimulant. I hear that coffee aroma and coffee processing chemistry will be the main topics of discussion. I’m definitely adding this to my ACS national meeting itinerary.

The national meeting is going to be an action-packed five days! I’m also looking forward to attending the “Graduate School Reality Check,” as this subject is certainly looming over the horizon. The Chem Demo Exchange, International Year of Chemistry, and Outreach Workshop on Chemists Celebrate Earth Day will also be beneficial for planning outreach activities for the ACS student chapter. I’ve heard exciting things about the Sci-Mix and undergraduate social, and I can’t wait to present my research! These are only a few of the many events planned for the week. The entire undergraduate program guide can be accessed here: Undergraduate Program Guide. I asked a few of my peers from The College of New Jersey what they are looking forward to most about attending the 243rd ACS National Meeting. Here’s what they had to say:


TCNJ Class of 2012

“I am looking forward to presenting my research and visiting my friend’s posters! I know a few people who don’t go to TCNJ but who are presenting at ACS and I want to visit/see them.”


TCNJ Class of 2012

“I expect to get a lot of great networking opportunities at the ACS meeting. As of this writing, I am in the middle of graduate school visits. During these visits I have had incredible opportunities to meet many great professors and students within the inorganic field. Many of these professors and students will be attending the ACS meeting presenting me with another opportunity to network. I already have social plans with two students from other schools. I hope as my visitations continue that this number increases. I am fully prepared to have a great time at ACS San Diego.”


TCNJ Class of 2012

“Well, I think that the ACS meeting will be an awesome time to network, find out about the cutting edge areas of research, and possibly talk to professors I would be interested in working for in grad school. Basically, I hope to have a good time, meet some cool people, and learn some more about chemistry!”


TCNJ Class of 2012

“Just visiting the other side of the US in general is gonna be exciting! I can’t wait to check out some out the all the events they have to offer. And of course, I’m nervous to present my research, but it’ll be fun overall!”


TCNJ Class of 2012

“Honestly, I’m not really sure what to expect. I’m excited to meet people who are just as passionate about the field as I am. Definitely excited to spend time with my fellow classmates outside of NJ. I hope to learn something new. I hope to potentially network with other chemists who are passionate about teaching.”


TCNJ Class of 2013

“I am excited to converse with other chemists from all different levels of experience. Also, I am excited to use the conference as my first true introduction into the ever expanding world of chemistry!”


TCNJ Class of 2012

“I expect to be overwhelmed at the ACS meeting! Since I’ve never been to a national meeting, I anticipate that there are going to be so many interesting exhibits/programs, and I’ll have trouble choosing which to see! In addition to gaining more experience presenting my research project, I’m really hoping to talk to other research groups who are involved in our area of research (fluorescence studies of biological proteins). More specifically, since I’m going to Pharmacy school next Fall, and debating whether or not to work towards a joint PharmD/PhD degree, I’m interested in the “Topics in Structure-Based Drug Discovery” workshop Wednesday evening.”

For more information on TCNJ Chemistry, visit our website.

Also, don’t forget to “like” the TCNJ ACS Student Chapter on Facebook: Student Chemists Association. 


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