Find jobs! Plan for Grad School! Plan your National Meeting visit (even if you can’t go)-The Undergraduate Program Guide

Hello National Meeting enthusiasts and attendees!

We are pleased to announce the release of our ACS National Meeting Undergraduate Program Guide for the 243rd ACS National Meeting.

The goal of this guide is to give you the resources you need to effectively budget your time in San Diego, and it also will tell you how to take advantage of the meeting’s events, even if you can’t make it to southern California.

And, no joke, we're sad you can't make it. From:

Now, if you want to look at the guide, just click the link above, or you can access it shortly from the ACS Undergrad Meeting page.  However, we have a few favorites in this guide we think you’d like to know about.  Favorites such as….

1. The ACS Career Fair- In San Diego and…wherever you are!

We know that you are interested in careers.  Our website for Get Experience is the one with the most monthly traffic, and the post for Get Experience has received more views than any other.  Due to this, we made sure the guide focuses on both the Career Fair and the ACS Career Workshops.

One of the most exciting things about this year’s Career Fair is that you can take part in most of it online.  From finding a potential employer to consulting with an ACS Career Consultant to interviewing with that Fortune 500 company, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.  And we’re not suggesting you should attend an interview with no clothes on, we’re just saying you can if you really want to.

Seriously, this is a terrible idea

To learn more, visit the Career Fair Site today!

2. Take advantage of Graduate School resources!

Are you looking to go to Graduate School?  Have you spoken to recruiters?  Or are you all ready to go, just not sure what to expect?  We have resources for all of those things at the National Meeting!

First, there will be a two part session on Graduate Schools from 1-3 pm on Sunday.  The first part will cover getting in, and the second part will cover what to do once you’ve been accepted.

After those sessions, recruiters from over 30 Chemistry graduate programs will be on hand to introduce and discuss their schools.  If for some reason you can’t attend or don’t meet all of the recruiters you’d like, there is a graduate school recruiting breakfast from 8-10 am Monday, March 26th!  There are so many great ways to connect with graduate school recruiters, you shouldn’t miss it.

We’d love to give you the full list here, but there’s just too many!  But you can check out our ACS National Meeting Program Guide!

Oh, and we know you love comics, and if you like the work above from PhD Comics by Jorge Cham, you should tell him.  Because he will be addressing us with his lecture Surviving Chemistry with Humor.  Cham, a former graduate student in Chemistry himself, is best known for PhD Comics, which is syndicated in several university newspapers. We think he’s really funny, too.

And if you can’t make it to San Diego, Cham’s lecture will be broadcast live at

3. The Food!

San Diego is home to some amazing restaurants.  While we couldn’t possibly list them all, We are pleased to offer a few of our favorite choices in the Guide.  For example, do you want to sing You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling in the place where they filmed Top Gun?  Or how about authentic Thai, Indian, or Mexican chow?  Or are you just in the mood for peanut butter and banana French toast?

These and more suggestions are in the guide!

That’s all for now, but if there’s something we should have talked about but didn’t, let us know!


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