New Edition of InChemistry-Read it Today!

If you’ve ever needed fundraising ideas, or wondered where you can go with your chemistry education, or want to see what other ACS student chapters are up to, this months’ InChemistry magazine covers all that, and more.

And if you’re a member, you should be receiving this by mail.  If you don’t, we probably don’t have your address on file, so give us a call at 800-333-9511 or send an email to  Either that, or you’re not a member, and you can sign up at the membership site.

Within this issue, we highly recommend the fundraising feature chapter, which details such tricks as how to get free money in the form of ACS grants, suggestions for fund raisers such as a Revenge-o-Rama against professors, and a number of places to purchase inexpensive lab equipment to sell.

There is also an article on surviving your first poster session at, say, the ACS 243rd National Meeting.  Of special note are tips and tricks given by students from James Madison University, Emory University, the Colorado School of Mines, and Pomona College.  Remember, chemistry doesn’t just happen in the lab, as your research does no good unless you tell people about it.  If you’re interested in presenting, you ought to look into the timing of your next Regional Meeting.

Anyways, we’ve taken enough of your time.  We encourage you to check out this months’ InChemistry magazine for all the reasons mentioned above and a whole lot more.


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